How to Improve Your Digestion To Live A Happier Life

Quickly discover how you can improve your digestive system to ensure it functions normally. Find out which foods could be causing you stomach upsets and which foods to eat which can help your gastrointestinal tract act the way it was designed to.

What Are Digestive Disorders

Even the most common digestive disorder can leave you feeling particularly unwell. But if you suffer from more serious conditions like IBS or Colitis, then you may need to seek medical attention.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: What Causes IBS and What Type of Person You Are Will Decide How You Treat the Symptoms

What type of person you are will usually dictate how you go about finding a cure for your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Whether you choose a form or relaxation therapy, like Yoga or Tai Chi, or by using a simple diet plan to discover what your ‘trigger’ foods are, you will probably need to make a few of these simple changes to your lifestyle.

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Causes and Treatment of Abdominal Bloating

The cause your abdominal bloating and pain is normally related to your diet and lifestyle habits. To find out how to avoid the symptoms of a bloated stomach, please read this.

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What is Flatulence and What Causes This Nasty Smelling Stomach Gas

What is flatulence, how does it form in our digestive system and why does our stomach gas smell so bad?

Health Benefits of Fruit


What are the Nutritional and Health Benefits of Pineapple

Eating pineapple has many health benefits that include anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant (blood thinning) properties. It contains the proteolytic enzyme called bromelain, which can also help your digestive and circulatory systems but do you know which part of this tropical fruit holds most of the goodness?


What Are the Health Benefits of Fruit

The health benefits of the fruit that you grow in your own garden to fruits that are grown in far away exotic places, all hold wonderful properties which should be included in your daily health ‘ritual’.


What Health Conditions Can Bananas Help Treat

Discover the incredible health benefits of bananas and how this exotic moon shaped fruit can fend off infection, regulate your blood pressure and really help you live a more focused live.

Is the ‘five second rule true’…? Watch this video and decide for yourself, if you should eat something after you dropped it on the deck?

Health Benefits of Spices


Cinnamon :: What are the Health Benefit of this Blood-Sugar Lowering Exotic Spice

Does cinnamon have proven health benefits? Yes. But if you’ve got diabetes then you need to be careful when adding it to your diet. Did you know that cinnamon is also toxic to your liver in large quantities? Probably not – another reason you SHOULD be careful when adding this exotic spice to your food.

Health News

The Five Second Rule :: Can You Really Drop Something on the Floor and Eat it

Is the ‘five second rule true’…? Watch this video and decide for yourself, if you should eat something after you dropped it on the deck?

Birth Control Pills Could Jeopardize Women’s Circulatory System

Blood and circulatory problems is a topic which is close to my heart. Discover why some women should sway which type of birth control pill they take.

Cherries – A New Cure for Gout?

Cherries have been confirmed to relieve the attacks and symptoms of gout. Read the best article here and discover the source of the story.

What Exactly is a ‘Portion’ of Fruit or Veg – Finally, We Get Confirmation

Just a reminder that five ‘portions’ of fruit and vegetables are what we need to be ‘happy’. And confirmation of what exactly is a ‘portion’.

Could Watermelon Be Good for Your Heart

There is an amino acid in watermelons that has been shown to improve heart health in mice. But how could this affect humans?

What Vitamins Are in Bananas

Find out what vitamins and other nutrients are found in a single banana. This exotic yellow fruit not only gives us the energy we need to get through the toughest of days, but it can also help you to think more ‘normally’.

What is Cinnamon and What is it Good For

Find out where cinnamon comes from and what is used for, both in many amazing sweet and savory recipes and also for medical purposes.

What Foods Should You Eat if You Have Diarrhea

When you get diarrhea you typically do not feel like eating, but when your appetite does return do you know what foods you SHOULD be eating and what foods to avoid? Find out what to do if you or your children get diarrhea.

Coconut Oil or Toothpaste – If You Had the Choice, Which Would You Choose to Clean Your Teeth

Wow, yet another new discovery about a naturally occurring replacement for a household item! Forget your fluoride tooth paste, use coconut oil instead!

Great News if You’re Aged 50 Or Over and You Want to Run a Marathon

Are you over 50 and thinking of running a marathon? Read this to find out if you should or should not run, the results may shock you!

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