Does Removing Indigestible Proteins From the Diet of a Person with Autism Reduce the Effects of Their Condition?

It has been uncovered that children with Autism have a natural intolerance to certain food products, which may have been increasing their problems. The culprit foods are dairy protein (casein) and wheat protein in grains, wheat and rye (gluten).

These two substances are renowned for causing many problems in healthy people who have an intolerance to them. Casein can cause anything from itchy skin to facial inflammation, and in younger children it can cause reflux.

Gluten can cause a wide range of health conditions, such as head aches, problems with weight control, aching joints and in infants it can actually slow down their growth.

However, parents of autistic children have noticed that their behavior resembles that of someone who has been drugged, after they have consumed any product containing either of these elements, namely bread, pasta and milk products.

So research was carried out and this intolerance to casein and gluten was discovered. Both of these ingredients can be indigestible in the human digestive system (in certain people).

But if these two substances are removed from their diet, does their behavior change? And how will the children’s health be affected by removing them completely from their diets?

Find out more in an article I found written in the Rapid City Journal –

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