Did You Know You Had a Second Brain – It’s in Your Stomach

I was watching the BBC breakfast time show this morning, which was typically full of bad weather reportsĀ  and the normal stuff about the countries economic struggles and the London Olympics.

But there was a fascinating story about an experiment where someone swallowed a small camera to take a look inside his own gut. I could not help but watch, and once I had I was intrigued to find out more.

Something I found really interesting was that this story reported that our stomachs have a huge effect on our moods. The guy who brought us the report, was actually the BBC reporter who swallowed the camera and participated in this rather strange and first of it’s kind experiment here in the UK.

And the section of both the television report and the online written version which struck me the most was when the reporter exclaimed that we have a second brain in our stomachs’.

Incredible, but true.

Read more about The second brain in our stomachs here.

And watch the TV program on the BBC (4) – at 21.00 hours – clip.

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