The Cause of IBS is Definitely Linked to Bacteria in the Small Intestine

It has long been a theory that small intestine bacteria may be a cause or at least contributor to irritable bowel syndrome, it was reported earlier this year by a Cedars-Sinai Doctor.

I have to be totally honest and say that it eludes me that in this new millennium as to why with ALL the studies into the causes of IBS, that this theory has only been proved NOW!

And all it took was a clinical study of 320 people to discover that we can actually use (albeit the correct) antibiotic to eliminate bacteria in the small intestine.

You can read the Cedars-Sinai article on this discovery here.

And if you want to ‘buy’ the PDF article published by ‘Digestive Diseases and Sciences’, you can also do that here. (Why it isn’t free, I simply do not know as this is a problem that affects many millions of people worldwide!)

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