Egg Yolks – Are They Bad For Us or Not? I Wish Doctors Would Make Up Their Minds

Eggs are one of those foods that ‘experts’ do not seem to be able to make up their minds or not if they are bad for us. I really wish they would make up their minds, but as there seems to be conflicting research about them – I think I will abstain from eating too many yolks from now on.

Not too long ago, if I remember correctly, it was reported on the BBC news that the yolks in our beloved chickens eggs did not contain as much cholesterol as previously thought.

But new research by a neurology professor, Dr. David Spence of London’s Western University rebuttal’s that knowledge after they studied twelve hundred people who took part in a new experiment.

Something I never previously knew is that just one egg yolk has more than maximum daily recommended intake for cholesterol.

This research was published in Atherosclerosis, and reported in the US National Library of Medicine, read more – Egg Yolks Almost as Bad for Arteries as Smoking

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