If You Are Middle Aged and Seriously Overweight You Run the Risk of Losing Brain Power

Simply put, if you are middle aged and relatively obese you can expect to experience a reduction in the way your brain functions. It is not a nice thought getting old, is it? I’m forty two years old and as each day passes, I think more and more about how I can improve my health to help me live a longer life.

But in a recent study by the French Center for Research in Epidemiology & Population Health at INSERM, they released findings that individuals who are overweight, or have one of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome such as high cholesterol or who are taking medication for these conditions, are likely to suffer a reduction of around twenty two and a half percent of their mental abilities. Obesity is a growing killer of the human race – but are people listening yet?

We know that high fat foods increase our weight. We know that high levels of sodium in our diet can increase our risk of heart disease. So why aren’t the general public taking ‘huge notes’ on these types of results? I don’t know about you, but after reading the following article on this report – I’m thinking longer and harder of how I can further increase my own knowledge on improving my own health and that of my family.

Full article here – Obesity in Middle Age Tied to More Rapid Mental Decline

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