What is Cinnamon and What is it Good For

Cinnamon is a spice originating from Sri Lanka, which is now found growing naturally across eastern Asia. The cinnamon we find in our grocery stores is either ceylon or cassia cinnamon, and comes from the inner bark of the trees. There are many other types of ‘cinnamon trees’ but it is usually only those two which are grown commercially.

Known as ‘Kurundu’ in it’s native Sri Lanka, cinnamon is good for adding flavor to both sweet and savory recipes and has many desired properties which make cinnamon great for keeping you healthy.

A Little Bit of History About Cinnamon

Cinnamon was exported from Sri Lanka as early as two thousand years before the birth of Christ and is mentioned several times in Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, because it was used as an oil for anointing and incense. Highly valued at that early time, this exotic spice was used for giving gifts to kings and queens.

It held so much value that cinnamon traders kept its origin a secret for hundreds of years, so that they could protect their future profits. It was such a huge secret that people living in the Mediterranean hypothesized that it may even come from the bottom of the river Nile!

The ancient Greek historian, Herodotus wrote that cinnamon came from a land that nobody knew, and that ‘cinnamon birds’ brought the cinnamon sticks from that land to Arabia to build their nests.

Once the Europeans got ‘wind’ of cinnamons value throughout the world, they built ports and trading posts and harvested and exported to countries throughout Europe. Then by the eighteenth century, the English had ‘acquired’ much of the trading rights of cinnamon but this was to be in vein as the value of this exotic bark was declining.

What is Cinnamon Used For?

I use it to bring my French toast to life and also to keep my sugar levels from ‘spiking’ after I’ve eaten my breakfast. Cinnamon has an incredible ability to lower blood sugar levels, which evens out the energy you get after you’ve eaten a meal.

Add it to your toast, to your coffee (to make it taste a bit like Christmas) or add it to your apple pie. There are literally hundreds of recipes which you can use cinnamon in, be they sweet or savory, like a chicken biriyani.

What is Cinnamon Good For?

If you have got sore muscles or joints, cinnamon can help. If you have got an eczema infection, cinnamon can help. If you have got blood circulation problems, cinnamon can help. This bark taken from the inside of an exotic tree can help to treat many health complaints, but it can be so incredibly potent that people who are using blood thinning medication should NOT use it. Or at least consult their doctor before they do.

There is speculation that cinnamon can help people who have Type 2 Diabetes. Some research results say it can, while other say it has no benefit whatsoever. However, it was proved to help people with Alzheimer’s disease, because it slows down the growth of the disease which is incredible news for those people.

You can read more here, about how great cinnamon is for your health because we dedicated a long article to this spice which is typically found in kitchen cupboards of most homes.

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