What Exactly is a ‘Portion’ of Fruit or Veg – Finally, We Get Confirmation

We all know that eating a healthy diet produces a healthy you, but it’s always good to get a reminder of how good those fruits and vegetables actually are for you. I found an article today which ‘re-emphasizes’ this wonderful knowledge, where researchers studied eighty thousand people and discovered that our happiness and mental health shares the benefit of eating natural foods with the rest of our body.

Up until recently, and even up to this study, there has been little research done on how fruit and vegetables are good for our mental state. Almost all research has been done on our other major organs.

The research was completed using the habits of eighty thousand people (in the United Kingdom), where it was determined that the ones who ate more veggies and fruit, were a lot ‘happier’ in their self than the ones who did not eat a lot of fresh foods.

Andrew Oswald, PhD and professor of economics at Warwick University said, ”the more you go from zero to seven or eight, the happier you will be".

At last we get a definition of how much a ‘portion’ is. We are all told to eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables per day, but not until now did I even have a clue of what ‘experts’ actually mean.

The professor qualified this as being, five ounces.

Find out more on this at the source – http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20121011/fruits-vegetables-happiness?src=RSS_PUBLIC

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