Can Hypnosis Help With Abdominal Bloating, Gas and IBS

Two new and recent studies have revealed that hypnosis can help people suffering with abdominal bloating. Both studies were to determine if hypnosis therapy could actually help sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome, and the concluding results were quite encouraging.

In the first study, thirty eight percent of people benefitted from hypnosis therapy, but in the second study the figure was much lower at only eleven percent.

Some of the symptoms of IBS are stomach bloating, diarrhea, cramps and gas, as well as a huge amount of pain and frustration. The studies showed that these patients received a good enough amount of relief from these typical symptoms, to be pleased about.

Although these experiments showed that hypnosis therapy, when used alone or in conjunction with other more common therapies, can be difficult to find as it is quite rare in most states.

Read the full article here – Hypnosis may help IBS

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