Want a Superfood to Help Reduce Stomach Bloating

I’m a huge believer in eating unprocessed and raw foods. I was surfing around this morning for some new ideas on how I can help reduce stomach discomfort and I was fortunate enough to find an article written by Emma Bathie, who is a health coach.

She wrote a guest post on a website, which I found truly enlightening and wanted to share it with you.

I think this post is mainly aimed at women, but I do think after reading it and watching a video (below) that anyone can benefit from the ‘superfood’ recipe Emma has provided.

The recipe is a ‘Thai Quinoa Salad Recipe’, containing (obviously!) quinoa. It also contains plenty of other natural foods, such as mango, fresh coriander, red peppers and a heap more.

Read the article here – How to reduce belly bloat and turn a superfood into a rockstar

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